SterTouch® Pro

SterTouch® Pro - a matter of sterility

The equipment for modern operating rooms is becoming increasingly complex, while the high hygiene and technology standards remain constant. According to the German Infection Protection Act, special hygiene regulations apply to segregated rooms in hospitals. The aim is to completely rule out any potential sources of contamination and the transmission of germs. 

All operating rooms around the globe are similarly divided into an anesthesia area, a scrub station and an aseptic zone. The aseptic zone forms the focal point of each operation. This is where the highest standards for hygiene, asepsis and sterility apply. The operating technology used here must work in a flexible, fast, reliable and dependable manner at all times. STERTOUCH®PRO* meets these standards. The patented multi-layer film enables people to operate touch interfaces in a sterile way – without the need for any assistant.

By using the STERTOUCH®PRO film, you can innovate your processes and minimize your costs in the long term – without compromising the protection offered to your patients.

There are thousands of illnesses, but we only have one gift of health.


  • 100% sterile – guaranteed according to DIN-EN ISO 11137–2 and ISO TS 13004
  • The control technology works ideally without any restrictions on clear vision
  • No additional human resources necessary to operate units in a sterile way
  • Possible to switch between the patient and the technology without any problems
  • No compromises in patient safety
  • Maximum safety with minimal effort (attaching the film takes no more than 10 seconds)
  • The film can be removed quickly without leaving any adhesive residue
  • Safe storage through additional validated sterile packaging


1.What is the theory behind the patented multi-layer film principle?

STERTOUCH®PRO is a sterile film system consisting of several layers. Transparent PE film forms the central element and it does not impair the image quality or operating efficiency. The “star of the show” is a special acrylic adhesive. Traditional film adhesives significantly reduce the image quality or leave behind adhesive residue on the control panel. The sterility of the film is guaranteed by a validated process (more on this in paragraph 2).

2. How safe are the STERTOUCH®PRO films when in use?

Thanks to validated production and gamma ray treatment, the sterility of the STERTOUCH®PRO films is guaranteed in line with DIN EN ISO 11137–2 and ISO/TS 13004. Each film also has a batch and series number as well as a production date and details about its shelf life.

3. How do I save process costs by using STERTOUCH®PRO films?

hey reduce your human resources costs, because the operator or his or her “sterile personnel” can use the control panel during an operation. There is no need for an elaborate cleaning process before and after the operation either.

4. In which fields of application can the STERTOUCH®PRO films be used?

STERTOUCH®PRO can be used anywhere where sterility or a particularly high level of hygiene is required. This applies to all operating room zones (anesthesia area, scrub station and aseptic zone), recovery rooms, clean room environments, laboratories, shock rooms, intensive care units or even hybrid operations.

5. Are special sizes available too?

Yes! Do you need the films for a different glass keyboard in our portfolio? No problem! Made-to-measure production for other touch screen interfaces are not a problem either – individually customized for your needs and the interfaces of the devices concerned.

Send us your enquiry or phone us on +852 3461 9789.

6. How do I attach the film correctly?

You can discover more HERE.

7. Are there any similar products on the market?

No! Bag-like covers have been used up to now. However, they obstruct people’s vision and operating the units too and do not provide the same high level of protection.

8. What happens to the films after they have been used?

As is normal with contaminated disposable materials, controlled incineration should be used in hospitals. Thanks to special filter equipment, the environment suffers no damage from this.

At the moment**, we can offer standard STERTOUCH®PRO films for the CK5 model of our premium brand Cleankeys® glass keyboards.

Is no film available for your model yet? No problem! Made-to-measure production for other models or touch screen interfaces is no problem either. Individually customized for your needs and the interfaces of the devices concerned. Send us your enquiry or phone us on +852 3461 9789.


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