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About GETT Asia

We are GETT Asia

GETT Asia Ltd. is one of three subsidiaries of the GETT Group. 
Found and established in Hongkong back in 2014, the company spreads the GETT Group vision of being the #1 HMI manufacturer around the globe.
Benefitting from synergy effects of the company group, GETT Asia Ltd. offers the best knowledge, excellent customer service and latest technological insights when it comes to HMI topics. 
Manufacturing customized keyboards, PC mice and HMI systems of all kinds in its subsidiary GETT Asia Assembly in China.

What makes GETT Asia different?

With the GCQ Scheme (GETT Certified Quality) all products manufactured, or all technical parts sourced by GETT Asia guarantee top quality.
No component makes its way into our manufacturing process without being checked; and no product makes its way to a customer without being tested. Our strict quality policy has ensured that we have had a reputation as a quality leader for years.
We know how different every industrial sector can be: From medical environments to industrial applications, we know which products fit best to your requests. And if it doesn´t fit – we make it fit for you.
We offer you a broad variety of professional services: from integrated system consultancy to flexible supply chain, logistical options or testing and screening of products. You will find out more on
 Sourcing suppliers, controlling quality, and manufacturing your product – all services offered by your reliable partner GETT Asia.
 Thanks to the synergies of GETT Group, we closely work with engineers from our German headquarter and expertise from our qualified supplier network – to offer you the best technological knowledge combined with 100% quality.

We offer you the largest assortment of data input devices ready to use: rugged keyboards & mice as well as washable keyboards and mice are our key elements here. We fit your needs.

Our projects unit develops individual operating solutions ranging from the idea to the ready-to-use product for your needs. Innovative technologies can be combined into the system of your dreams.

Our project team is eager to help you – from development into prototyping up to the manufacturing of the complete HMI system – we lead your way through the HMI world!

Adam Wong, MD GETT Asia Ltd.
Pierre Beer, CEO GETT Germany