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Medical IT hardware

ACL, with headquarters in Leipzig / Germany, is an owner-managed medium-sized company that develops and produces optimised IT hardware for use in the medical sector that meets the special requirements of hygiene-critical areas.

Our wide range of products, individual consulting and services worldwide and a comprehensive portfolio of accessories make us one of the leading solution providers for IT technology in operating theatres, intensive care units, and hygienically critical areas.

Our intelligent solutions set trends and are always a step ahead of the competition. Those who use ACL products receive the highest reliability in tough routine operation, outstanding quality, durability and ergonomics. The pursuit of innovation at the highest technical standard and the realisation ofyour individual wishes is our incentive to always deliver excellent products.

Representatives of ACL and GETT-Asia at Medica 2019, Düsseldorf, Germany.


In the application of continuous improvement and development

MEGATRON was founded in 1960. Due to the demand and development of industrial applications, MEGATRON’s product portfolio has never stopped developing, upgrading and innovating. Over the past 20 years, the MEGATRON sensor and joystick have been installed in thousands of applications.

MEGATRON has become a leader in the industry thanks to years of growth, refined technologies and products, and the company’s reputation.In the process of continuous application, the production of more and higher quality products has been the concept and support of MEGATRON.