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Silicone Keyboards

Silicone keyboards: durable and waterproof

Keyboards with a silicone surface or a silicone cover allow, due to their closed surface, quick and easy cleaning as well as disinfection. A high-quality silicone surface completely protects the keyboard from the penetration of liquids, dust and other contaminants. It thus ensures minimal contamination by germs and pathogens in hygiene-sensitive environments, given a regular cleaning process.

The operation of silicone keyboards is ergonomic and nearly wear-free.

Keyboards made of silicone are almost wear-free and ensure a long life and reliability. The material is resistant to some acids, many solvents and other chemicals such as bleach, ammonia or hydrogen peroxide.

Hygienic & easy to clean – advantages of keyboards made of silicone

The insensitivity of keyboards with silicone surface to dirt and water makes it easy to clean the keyboard under running water or to immerse the keyboard in a water basin. However, when cleaning our products, no abrasive aids should be used, such as steel wool or aggressive scouring agents.

Realize your CI and individualize your keyboard according to your own wishes.

We offer a variety of options to customize our offered silicone keyboards according to your wishes. By adding your own company logo or changing the keyboard layout, your keyboard will become unmistakable and can be perfectly integrated into the existing corporate identity of your company.

To enable the use of our silicone keyboards for users from all over the world, we can provide your keyboard with alternative country layouts. In addition, we offer a change of the keytable according to HID standard on request, which allows different functions to be mapped on the keys.

A hygienic keyboard is part of every workplace where cleanliness is very important. Typically, our products are found in medical facilities and companies such as hospitals, doctors’ offices or laboratories.

The use of silicone keyboards is also common in industry: food production or metal processing plants require robust, fail-safe keyboards that can be cleaned in no time. In addition to that, find out more about keyboards for clean areas here!

The typing feel of a hygienic keyboard is in no way inferior to that of a conventional keyboard. Special technologies under the keycaps ensure a comfortable tactile feel when typing.

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