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How much for a keyboard?

Please check the pricelist.

What distinguishes washable keyboards from traditional keyboards?

The general difference is that you are able to wash and disinfect the units without doing them any damage.

Can I dip GETT keyboards and mice in cleaning solutions or wash them with running water?

Both are possible without any side effects.

Can the units be disinfected?

That is possible too. We offer you a list of suitable disinfectants at this site.

Do GETT keyboards have anti-microbial properties?

We provide models with special anti-microbial coating. We use this to cope with a  few fields of application, which face very special levels of exposure to bacteria. However, in principle, we do not recommend any products with an anti-microbial surface. Firstly, the general and active effectiveness against relevant germs is too low. Secondly, evidence has suggested that this provides an illusionary sense of security and leads to neglect in hygiene practices. It is our belief that anti-microbial surfaces on their own do not improve hygiene levels.

Are there any guarantees for the keyboards?

There is a warranty of two years on all devices. During this time, you can make complaints about any faults in the devices.

Where are GETT keyboards manufactured?

We produce our German products at our factory in Germany while the Asian products are produced and manufactured at our GETT Asia Assembly factory in China. We also offer products of selected OEM brands for our customers.

How do I purchase your products?

You need to call us at +85234619789 or email us at