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Keyboards for Clean Areas

The use of washable keyboards is essential in hygiene-sensitive areas.

Where hygiene and PC workstations meet, conventional keyboards quickly reach their limits. Cracks between the keys allow dirt to enter the keyboard, which is very difficult to remove. But dirt is also difficult to remove from the key surfaces. If the workstation is used by several people, germs and pathogens spread quickly via the peripherals.

Typical Sectors where hygienic Keyboards are Needed:


Better safe than sorry!

Semiconductor Manufacturing

No dust = 100% quality!

Keyboards for Clean areas - a Selection

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A washable keyboard provides a remedy. A special product design protects the electronics from dirt or dust. The surface is often made of silicone, so even water cannot harm the keyboard.

Waterproof keyboards can be disinfected after thorough cleaning. In combination with a washable PC mouse, a hygienic keyboard at the PC workstation is the safest solution in hygiene-sensitive work environments.

The areas of application for a washable keyboard are diverse, ranging from the operating room in a hospital to cleanrooms or laboratories.

However, our hygiene keyboards are not only suitable for their places of use due to their special design. Their typing comfort and usability are similar to those of a conventional office keyboard. Frequent typists benefit from the use of hygienic keyboards. The keys do not wear out, and the surface material is hard-wearing and durable.

As an alternative to the silicone surface, we also offer glass keyboards. Cleaning and disinfection is easily done with a single wipe.

Many of our glass keyboards have an integrated touchpad, so that the use of a PC mouse is not necessary.

We recommend keyboards with a glass surface especially for use in clean rooms.

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