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Our Values & Your Benefits



We believe every customer is unique.

That’s why we must think innovative, think creative. This let us to see what others cannot see and to think what others cannot think. Every idea helps to design the most suitable keyboards for individuals. We strive to have innovative ideas to empower our customers and make them to be different and powerful.

You are unique.

You have the right to choose what you want and what you need. We are here to meet any your specific enquiries. One design is impossible to fit with all customers, we are patient to listen what you need. Our innovative ideas help to design the most suitable device especially for you, in order to make your work easier. What we design is to empower you.

Quality should not be your concern.

It is our job to ensure the products are perfect with our high standard, as you deserve perfect products and service. All products before leaving the factories are extensively examined to make sure they are 100% performance related. We keep an eye on everything. Because 100% quality is a must, we just take the responsibility.

Again, you deserve perfect products and services.

Our objective is to empower you, so guaranteeing all products from GETT are 100% high quality is a must. You do not have to spend extra time for checking product quality. What you gain not only the guaranteed products, but also the time saving from checking and searching. What means that we are empowering you in every way.

Need suggestions?

Any technical or quality consultancy, we are available anytime. We are capable of making quick decisions and providing immediate feedback and consultations. With more than two decades of experience gained by the mother company, GETT group in Germany, we have gained successful coverage of the Asian market. What we have are experience and expertise in the professional user interface technology and thousands of satisfied customers.

We are always here.

Figuring out a plan that fulfils your requirements is in our element, we are professional to conduct EMS proposal, logistic plan, R&D services, as well as quality management. With us, you do not have to deal with the stress and the trifling works. You just need to conduct your important affairs, we are here to backup you.

We know how important the flexibility is .

Therefore, we are willing to offer a customized and flexible logistic plan. From the delivery qualities to the dates and formats are welcome to discusses, you are the users, you absolutely can have a say. You do not have to deal with the stress and the delivery process, all are our jobs. You just need to order. We are always prepared with our stock in advance, in order to make it readily available.

Time is money.

Our logistic plan is flexible and the delivery can be coordinated with your business planning, so as to improve your efficiency. We create individual products and solutions, even in very small qualities, our first priority is to settle your problems. We have the ability to offer you the best possible operating solutions for your field of application and operational environment.

Teamwork is the key element of our success.

If we cannot deal with internal problems, how can we handle our customers’ problems? That’s why we place great importance on cooperation between colleagues. We believe inspiration is coming from communication and discussion. Apart from inspiration, trust also could be built. A good relationship boosts the morale and motivation of the team, which help us to provide perfect solutions to customers.

We make the threatens and weakness you are facing become opportunities.

Because of our team are united and the daily operation is smooth, we can handle your problem and find out the best solution for you efficiently without internal obstructions. The working efficiency is so important as to catch the timing, right timing strengthens your competitiveness.

Tolerance is one of the core value of us and we stand against discrimination and racism.

Our employees’ intercultural skills are improving, tolerance, respect and integrity are crucial in our daily dealings with each other. All our colleagues have good intercultural skills, we can handle and understand customers from different places with different culture.

We are willing to value the corporate social responsibility, not to mention our customers.

Respect and positive brand image helps us to build relationship, all of us know relationship is an essence in business world. Since we have wide network and intercultural skills, we are able to negotiate with different parties superiorly.