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Medical Keyboards at best Quality

Keyboards for applications in the medical field are adapted to their areas of use. They are used wherever hygiene plays a major role. Medical keyboards usually have special features that make them suitable for use in such settings:

✔ Completely sealed surface
✔ No dirt or water ingress 
✔ Special materials
✔ Robust 

These include a completely closed surface as well as special materials. Medical grade keyboards are usually made of silicone or foil, but they can also be made of glass. The robustness of their materials is impressive. Water, dust or other dirt cannot penetrate the inside electronics of these keyboards.


Keyboards for use in medical areas are often made largely of silicone.

The great advantage of silicone medical grade keyboards is their completely closed surfaces, which are also very easy to clean. 

Glass keyboards follow an approach that is elegant and hygienic in the same measure.

They are suitable for all medical areas, whether in operating theatres or in patient admissions.

Their completely smooth, joint-free surface makes them easy to clean and disinfect with a wipe. Cleaning and disinfecting these keyboards is easy and convenient.

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