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Cleanable Keyboards

Cleanable Keyboards - GETT Asia

A cleanable keyboard at the workplace is the be-all and end-all in hygiene-sensitive areas or even at your workdesk in the office. Thanks to its special design, it is water- and dust-proof and thus helps to comply with hygiene regulations. Regular cleaning and disinfection of this keyboard is no problem.


Numerous hospitals, nursing homes, and even doctors’ offices are suitable environments for keyboards that must be cleanable. Hands transmit germs and other pathogens particularly widely in these high-traffic areas. This makes it even more important to regularly clean and disinfect hygienic keyboards and mice in all workplaces. For medical facilities of all kinds, a hygienic keyboard is the best alternative to a conventional keyboard.

The advantages of cleanable keyboards at a glance


1. Cleanable keyboards are usually waterproof and dustproof

2. They help to comply with hygiene regulations.

3. Unlike conventional keyboards, the surface of a disinfectable keyboard is completely closed. Dirt, dust and liquids cannot get under the keys.

4. The typing feel of a conventional keyboard is almost identical to the typing feel of a hygienic keyboard.

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