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Keyboards for Semiconductor Manufacturing

Semiconductor Manufacturing: Highly precise production processes
require high hygiene standards.

When it comes to the manufacturing of semiconductors, microchips, or processors, clinically clean work desks are a requirement. Production processes in cleanrooms must meet high requirements. Even the smallest particles can cause big harm and destroy the fragile entities of semiconductors. To minimize this risk, the process of manufacturing is strictly regulated.

The staff must wear special clothing to access the cleanrooms, the number of particles in this room must be reduced to an absolute minimum, and not only the air has to remain as clean as possible. Commonly, some form of input device is needed to control the production process.  

Keyboards suitable 4 semiconductor manufacturing:


Cleanrooms have particularly high demands on their environment. Not only must the air be reduced to a minimum of particles. The objects in the cleanroom must also have special properties. 

For this reason, we offer keyboards & mice for cleanrooms. They are fully protected from dust, dirt, and water. 

It is the completely closed surface of both silicone and glass keyboards that make them suitable for minimal polluted areas such as cleanrooms. 

Semicondoctor Production Composition
Hygienic & easy to clean - advantages of keyboards made of silicone

The insensitivity of washable keyboards with a rubberized surface to dirt and water makes it easy to clean the keyboard under running water or by immersing the keyboard in a basin of water.  

Silicone keyboards are ergonomic and easy to use. These kinds of keyboards are virtually wear-free and allow for a long service life and reliability. The material is resistant to some acids, many solvents and other chemicals such as bleach, ammonia or hydrogen peroxide. 

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Keyboard Advantages - especially for semiconductor manufacturing

Silicone Keyboards

  • IP68 protection ensures full protection against dirt or water ingress 
  • Completely sealed surfaces enable you to fully wash your silicone keyboard 
  • Spillproof keyboards – if you accidently spill liquids – no worries!

 → long reliability is guaranteed: the silicone material is robust and safe

  • Good typing comfort & safe keyboard surface = win win situation!

Glass Keyboards

  • IP65 ensures splash water and dust protection
  • Fast sanitizable within seconds due to a completely flat surface 
  • Completely flat glass surface
  • Virtually wear-free
  • Special glass ensures highest quality 
  • Glass can easily be designed in any way that´s imaginable.
  • Using a glass keyboard means no pressure on hand and finger joints 
  • The sensitivity of the keys can be adjusted individually to the user. 


Cleankeys® keyboards are EMC tested and certified. Wherever electronic emissions are serious interference factors, GETT glass keyboards can score with their EMC certification according to EN60601-1-2 Edition 4. This makes our products a safe partner for difficult application areas, such as semiconductor manufacturing. 


Glass keyboards ensure freedom from germs and pathogens at the respective place of use, assumed they are cared for and cleaned regularly. Disinfection and cleaning are done with a wipe over a smooth surface and is done in no time.  

Important when cleaning glass keyboards: Never use abrasive agents or aggressive cleaners. These could damage the surface of the keyboard and thus ensure that it no longer guarantees a maximum of hygiene. 

Accordingly, our glass keyboards can demonstrate their strengths especially in hygiene-sensitive environments such as hospitals, laboratories, or semiconductor manufacturing. 


Capacitive keyboards also protect tendons and joints due to their touch function, are ergonomic and make the use of an additional mouse unnecessary thanks to an integrated touchpad. 

The use of a special type of glass on our keyboards ensures maximum robustness and durability. 

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