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Washable Keyboards | GETT Asia

A keyboard that is washable…

…is particularly popular in hygiene-critical areas. Where cleanliness and hygiene are particularly important, the use of conventional plastic keyboards cannot be recommended. The spaces between the keys leave plenty of room for dirt particles, which are difficult and time-consuming to get out.

Our products score with many features that are indispensable on a washable keyboard:

They are:

✔ Water- and dustproof

✔ Easy to clean

✔ Comfortable typing action

✔ Can be used comfortably with gloves

A selection of our washable keyboards:

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Washable keyboards are time savers!

This saves doctors, nurses or medical assistants a lot of time. A washable keyboard can be easily cleaned under running water with a gentle detergent. 

Please pay attention to our cleaning instructions. The cleaning agents that can be used depend on the keyboard surface material. 


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