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Keyboards for Laboratories

keyboards in laboratory environment

Input devices in the laboratory: Robust environment & high level of hygiene

Special requirements are demanded when it comes to the construction of laboratories. In addition to specific surfaces that must withstand aggressive agents, washable floors and walls are also one of the basic conditions for laboratory setups.

At all times, the focus is on a high level of hygiene in conjunction with a certain robustness of the materials used. Working with hazardous substances is common in laboratories. Here, the personnel also have to wear special protective clothing: from a coat to special gloves, special work clothing is intended to provide people in laboratories with the best possible protection against injury.

For this reason, our products are suitable for use in laboratories:

Many of our products have special surfaces that are protected against environmental influences. For example, thanks to special treatment for extra high resistance to certain hazardous substances. Some keyboards offer particularly high durability.

Glass keyboards from GETT are highly resistant because a special glass is used in these products. The completely smooth surface can be cleaned and disinfected with a single wipe.

Most of our keyboards and mice have IP68 protection rating. This means the products are completely waterproof and dustproof. Thorough and quick cleaning by immersing them in a water bath or by rinsing the keyboards with water and cleaning agents is easily achieved.

Silicone keyboards as well as glass keyboards can be operated comfortably and easily with protective gloves made of silicone or latex. This results in significant advantages for the user. You can easily comply with the high hygiene requirements and saves possible process costs that would arise when putting on and taking off the gloves. The risk of contamination through direct skin contact is reduced to a minimum.

Our products are ergonomically built and have excellent switching characteristics. Depending on the technology, the keys are either capacitive or mechanical.

With our offered glass keyboards, the haptics of the keys can be individually adjusted.

keyboard used in a laboratory

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