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Cleantype® Prime OR solutions

Data Input Systems for OR Rooms from GETT Asia

 .. are just waiting for you! Keyboards in the clinical area must meet high standards of cleanliness and hygiene. GETT’s Cleantype®Prime series are suitable for hospital operating rooms. Our Prime series keyboards can be disinfected quickly, so that bacteria and germs do not have the opportunity to multiply. 

Protect your patients and staff by selecting GETT’s Cleantype®Prime series that are ideal for cleaning!

Enjoy yourself as you discover the Cleantype®Prime series!

Discover more about Cleantype Prime Series:

The models provide these key features:

– Anti-microbial keyboard features prevent any germs or pathogens from growing
– Safety at the workplace thanks to EMC protection according to EN 60601-1-2 Edition 4
– Cleaning without unintentionally triggering keys by activating the keylock feature
– If the light conditions are unfavorable, the units can still be used with the help of the five-stage lighting function
– Suitable for touch typing

Other features:

– Simple and rapid system integration for the panel versions
– Flexible mounting for the desktop keyboards thanks to magnets at the rear
– “Made in Germany” innovation and engineering
– Some of the keyboard models meet IP65 or IP68 protection standards
– Multiple modification opportunities

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