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Cleanable & Santizable Keyboards

Hygienic Keyboards - customized to your needs

The use of cleanable keyboards is essential in hygiene-sensitive areas.

Where hygiene and PC workstations meet, conventional keyboards quickly reach their limits. Openings between the keys allow dirt to enter the keyboard, which is very difficult to remove.

But dirt is also difficult to remove from the key surfaces. If the workstation is used by several people, germs and pathogens spread quickly via the peripherals.

A cleanable & sanitizable keyboard provides a remedy. A special design protects the electronics from the penetration of dirt or dust.

Individualize your Keyboard

The surface is often made of silicone, so even water cannot harm the keyboard. Such products are disinfected after thorough cleaning. In combination with a washable PC mouse, a hygienic keyboard at the PC workstation is the safest solution in the hygiene-sensitive work environment.

The areas of application for cleanable keyboards are diverse, ranging from the operating room in a hospital to the reception area in a group practice.

Cleanable keyboards can be cool design pieces: With glass surfaces, possibilities of individualization are endless!

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