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Keyboards for Home & Office

Keyboards in the office or even at home are easily overlooked when tidying up and cleaning. Externally, the keyboards used are rarely seen to be up to five times dirtier on average than toilet seats. A germ load on keyboards that is up to 60 times higher is expected, especially in office settings. The many gaps between the keys in combination with direct contact with fingers provide an ideal breeding ground for numerous germs.

Washable office keyboards & mice

The solution to convenient keyboards..

During the cold season, it is important to have a good hygiene plan in conjunction with thorough cleaning of work equipment at the desk. It has been proven that the risk of infection increases significantly in open-plan offices. The hygiene situation at the workplace is also particularly critical when several people work at one PC and use the same keyboard or mouse.

With our keyboards and mice for the office and home, you are well equipped. High ease of use and a convenient and easy way to clean them characterize all our products. Many of our devices provide a comfortable typing experience.


That’s why it’s important to be able to clean keyboards and mice thoroughly. The keyboards and mice in office series are ideally suited for this purpose. They can be cleaned easily and conveniently, even under running water. The electronics of these keyboards and mice are protected against water penetration in any case. So even cracks and niches are no longer a hygiene problem, because water and common household cleaning agents make cleaning much easier. Ergonomic designs and a good tactile feel ensure fatigue-free typing on the washable keyboards of the Basic series.

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