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Cleankeys CK5

The new glass keyboard CK5 is part of the famous Cleankeys® series and impresses users with its smart design and no compromises regarding hygiene. Compact dimensions and a generous touch pad/numpad area make it possible to operate the unit without a PC mouse and destine the CK5 for use in situations where space is particularly restricted. It is the ideal solution on mobile trolleys for doctors’ rounds and hospital wards or cramped medical workplaces.

Favorable Features of the Cleankeys CK5 Glass Keyboard:


Everything is possible with a Glass Keyboard...

This limited football edition keyboard was exclusively made for GETT North America


Certification proves that the Cleankeys® CK5 meets the latest EMC Directives in EN 60601-1-2 Edition 4. 

It is important that medical engineering products are protected from any malfunctions and breakdowns caused by electrical emissions, particularly in medical environments like doctors‘ practices and clinics. Conversely, electrical devices must not negatively affect their environment by emitting any electromagnetic oscillation.

The European product standard known as EN 60601-1-2 therefore insists that medical products do not trigger any electromagnetic interference. This not only protects the devices, but can even save lives in an emergency.

As a result, Cleankeys® glass keyboards offer double protection –from the fatal consequences of a lack of hospital hygiene and against any problems caused by emissions too.


We provide many options for individualizing your Cleankeys® CK5. Your keyboard can become unmistakable if your own corporate logo is printed on it or if the keyboard layout is visually changed; it can then be perfectly integrated in your enterprise‘s current corporate identity.

To enable people from all over the world to use the CK5, we can provide the glass keyboard with other country layouts, in addition to the language versions that we already offer.